Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Corpse Reviver Brunch @ the Smallflower, November 1st

This is a 100% gluten-free and vegan-friendly brunch put on in collaboration with chef Heather DosmanMuseumEats' Camille Flanjak, and the Smallflower Cafe & Bakeshop

Omnivores do not fret- if you don't have dietary restrictions, there will be omnivore-friendly add-on options!

There will also be cocktails and coffee to revive your corpses from the creepiest of previous evenings. 

Email us at museumeats@gmail.com to reserve your table. Please provide us with the following information when booking:
-how many people
-your contact information including phone number
-any allergies or dietary restrictions
-you choice of mains.
Seating is limited to jump on this one fast :-)

10 AM
11:30 AM (4 seats left)
1 PM

$15 plates all vegan and 100% gluten free

Starter: Bloody Fingers

Stuffed cauliflower Brains
Bull's Blood Beet
Tempeh, Mushroom and Kale Entrails

Dessert: Finally! You get breakfast dessert with this brunch!

A Few Add-ons:
Pork Belly (this is the real thing) $4
One Egg $3

Join us on the events page on Facebook for menu updates.

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