Monday, October 20, 2014

Love You Long Table is Full!

Thanks everyone for your interest in our long table dinner on the 23rd. We are now fully booked and excited to give you a sneak peek at what we are offering:

Of course, it's vegetarian, and entrails, er... I mean entails 10 courses featuring mushrooms in disguise. Here are some of our loose ideas:

Wagyu Matsutake Carpaccio
Cauliflower Mushroom 'tripe' Menudo
Agaricus ink gnocchi
Chanterelle sweetbreads
Oyster mushrooms on the half shell
Tooth fungus fish and chips
"Scallops" two ways
Shrimp Russula ceviche
Lactating Lactarius
Candy caps and corn

Here is some of the bounty we will be serving up!

Our dishes will be complemented with wild foraged and scavenged greens, herbs, fruit, and nuts, as is our habit at MuseumEats.

And last, we are offering a sophisticated, natural wine pairing designed by our lovely Julie of Burdock & co and @julie_ness.

So looking forward to sharing with you all.

Camille, Kaylie, and Julie

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

  We believe Funghi have magical properties that somehow transform themselves into foods that resemble Meat, fish, poultry, blood, brains, bones and innards. Mushrooms are the inspiration for this dinner of Masquerade and deception. The menu is 100% vegetarian with foraged mushrooms and scavenged plants as our canvas for the absurd.

  This dinner is a Love you Long Table production with 10 seats and 10 Courses. Email us at for more information or to RSVP. Tickets are $50 not including wine pairings. Spots fill up fast. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October's List of Events

Fall is our favourite time at MuseumEats. Not only is it the cornucopia season, but we love camping and picking mushrooms, and playing with all our fermentations. 

In case you are interested in getting in on our action, here is a list of our events for October. When we started writing the list of events, there were tons of spaces for people to join us, but since we put the last words on the page, the spots have filled up- our apologies, and we promise to post November's events before they are full!. 

MuseumEats strives to keep things accesible and affordable, so prices are posted as our bottom line/break-even amount. If you would like to pitch in more to help fund future projects, we are happy to accept. 


Oct 5th: FULL Secret Location Hike with the Juice Truck and @littlebrownfox. FULL

Oct 12th: FULL Foraging Workshop "Into the Wild" in Squamish from 10am-5pm $30-60 sliding scale

Oct 19th: FULL Foraging Workshop "Roots, Shoots, and Fungi" in Squamish from 10am-5pm $30-60 sliding 

Oct 23rd: PENDING RELEASE The "Masquerade" a Love You Long Table secret supper $50-100 per person. Tickets are very limited and will be released on Oct 13th. 

Oct 26th:  WAIT LIST Foraging Workshop "Mushrooms and Preserving" in Squamish from 110-5pm $30-60

Oct 29th: Kaylie goes to New Mexico to start her studies in Albuquerquean artisan eats. Stay tuned for her posts!

We are happy to announce that our October Foraging Series is fully booked. There is a possibility that a couple spaces might open up for the 26th so we do have a small wait list if you are keen on it. Just email us if you are interested:

November will definitely have a few more workshops (from foraging to fermentation), and hopefully some free ones through SFU or the Purple Thistle. Those dates will be posted closer to the end of this month so we can give you a better heads-up.

Thank-you everyone, for being so supportive and interested in what we've been doing! We love you!

MuseumEats <3