Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Updates and Fall Backs

MuseumEats has gotten lots of inquiries about workshops this spring - We would LOVE to set some up, but all six of our hands are totally full until summer. Maybe if Cam gets a pinkie free she'll host one, and will definitely advertise on the blog. But that'll be a really full pinkie.

We are bounding into spring by collecting all its sweet, green shoots and keeping an eye to hardwood trees for oyster mushrooms. Besides foraging we all have many other projects happening:

Camille has started foraging and serving for the Acorn Restaurant, volunteering for Growing Chefs, and studying WSET's level 2 in wine while she wraps up the last of her permaculture certificate. Kaylie is working on her permanent residency and has taken on the hefty role of Head Chef at Nuba Gastown. Julie is tantalizing palates at Burdock & Co and tagging along on oyster deliveries and wild food forays to deepen her understanding of food source.

While we work on our individual projects this spring, feel free to have a look into what we deem as the climax of our 2014 Foraging season.