Thursday, January 5, 2017

MuseumEats in 2017

Hello Fellow Wild Creatures. Welcome to the winter of 2017 in Vancouver...

what's this white stuff?
...where the regularly tame streets have been overcome with the forces of nature. Luckily there are some lovely ways that we can beat the winter wonderland blues and build our immune systems with wildcrafted nourishment.

Bone Broth, Curried Chicken,
 Ramen Noodles, Asian Greens

This past year I was lucky to venture into the wild across BC many times. I learned about and harvested some delicious, medicinally potent, and sacred things that I preserved in order to sustain my health when all these gifts are buried under snow. I've written a lot about my wildcrafting adventures in my personal blog - including my experiments with medicinal broth.

Processing Amarena Cherries
and their Medicinal Pits

Besides broth, I made delicious medicinal liqueurs that can be used as digestive aids or cough syrup; made jams, jellies, and pickles; blended wild botanicals for teas to treat various ailments from stomach upset and menstrual cramps to sluggish energy levels and stress; crafted tinctures with alcohol and glycerin; fashioned bath salts and dry shampoo; and even fermented some of my harvests for lightly alcoholic wild sodas.

Wild Liqueurs
2017 is a year for growth and change. MuseumEats will continue to leads its wild food forays but we also have access to some amazing spaces so we can follow-up with workshops on medicine-making, social justice, cooking with wild foods, tea blending, and so much more. Stay tuned to our website for the launch of the wild food workshops through a new collaboration with Kris Barnholden, James Timms, and Lone Pine Publishing at 'Altá.' Until then, be well and stay wild.

Cam XO