Monday, October 20, 2014

Love You Long Table is Full!

Thanks everyone for your interest in our long table dinner on the 23rd. We are now fully booked and excited to give you a sneak peek at what we are offering:

Of course, it's vegetarian, and entrails, er... I mean entails 10 courses featuring mushrooms in disguise. Here are some of our loose ideas:

Wagyu Matsutake Carpaccio
Cauliflower Mushroom 'tripe' Menudo
Agaricus ink gnocchi
Chanterelle sweetbreads
Oyster mushrooms on the half shell
Tooth fungus fish and chips
"Scallops" two ways
Shrimp Russula ceviche
Lactating Lactarius
Candy caps and corn

Here is some of the bounty we will be serving up!

Our dishes will be complemented with wild foraged and scavenged greens, herbs, fruit, and nuts, as is our habit at MuseumEats.

And last, we are offering a sophisticated, natural wine pairing designed by our lovely Julie of Burdock & co and @julie_ness.

So looking forward to sharing with you all.

Camille, Kaylie, and Julie

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