Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Introducing the Membership Program!

MuseumEats is realizing that people have super busy lives and that workshops should be a little more flexible. Hitherto: the MuseumEats Membership Program.

Here's how it works.

There has always been a sliding scale: $30-60 and the NOTAFLOF (no-one-turned-away-for-lack-of-funds) policy. There will be no change in this structure, except that in the past this has only applied to one workshop.

From now on, contributions are considered a 1-year membership to MuseumEats which means:

1) If you contribute to MuseumEats and sign up for a workshop but have to miss it, you can make it up at any of the workshops in the following 12 months for no charge.

2) You will have access to advanced registration for workshops before they are posted on the website.

3) Subscription to our newsletter and facebook page with updates, workshop information and secret supper invitations. This also means if you want to promote a food-security related event you can do so through our sites.

4) Subsequent workshops will still be $30-60 and NOTAFLOF and monetary contributions will renew your membership.

This is going to be retroactively applied to all of the contributions made this past year, so everyone can benefit.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, inspiration, co-mentorship, questions, and forest stewardship. Looking forward to sharing more with you.

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